Last summer before the holy week, we got the chance to bring Hail at the beach and let her have her first ever swim in the ocean. It's not planned at all, one saturday afternoon, we just felt we wanted to go for a swim so we went. We got there by a motorcycle, the beach was really near from our house and we got there in less than 10 minutes hehe. Actually, we have had our afternoon walks and quick swims there for almost everyday  back then, t'was before and during my pregnancy. But when our princess came, we still managed to visit but very seldom. I think we went there for only three times after she was born. I remember from those visits we did sing at the videoke, brought our food from Jollibee and ate it at the sea shore while the sun was setting down and we always bought soda and chips from the store of the beach owner every now and then because she always didn't let us pay for the use of their cottage. That's so nice of her. :)
She doesn't want to walk with her bare-feet but she doesn't want to leave as well.
Trying to balance her steps on the sand and covering her eyes from the dazzling sun.
Our mommy moments before dipping in the waters.
Daddy wants to carry her to change her outfit but she doesn't want to be held.
I pulled her up once the water touched her little feet, she freaked out in a cute way. Lol!
Finally! This one is my favorite photo. I was amazed that even if we were hit by the big splashes of waves she still smiled and shouted for joy. 
Family picture.:)
I changed her shirt when we got out of the water, patted her hair to dry and gave her lots of kisses for a job well done! She enjoyed it so much and I'm very proud of her that she kept her cool, no drama at all.
Oh at nag-moment din kame di ba bwahahaha! 
And that's the story of tampisaw 2011, bow! :p


  1. Wonderful family bonding time! Kung ganyan siguro kalapit samin ang beach e baka tuwing sunday nandyan kami. hehehe!

  2. teh!thanks sa pagbisita at pagkomento naappreciate ko talaga.:) oo nga mukha ngang tinetake for granted lang namin ang beach dito, makabisita nga ulit sa susunod na summer hehe..


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