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Shooo Pedring!

The Philippines is currently experiencing a very horrible weather due to typhoon Pedring. Many people were evacuated, stranded, some were injured and got hurt, and there were people who died, others got really scared particularly those who suffered from super typhoon Ondoy about two years ago. Sadly there were also many facebook friends who got really pissed off and are whining that they don't have electricity and internet connection like they are the most unlucky people in the world. :( Isn't it enough that we are in the comfort of our own homes, safe and dry and with our loved ones? Be grateful you are safe! And a lot of people are still pickin'on that poor guy Mr.Christopher Lao that it became a trending topic worldwide on Twitter, again. C'mon! Please spare him.  

Thank God there were still tons of filipinos who are sensitive to understand that there were people having serious unfortunate events in times like this. They somehow uplift the spirit and gives hope to millions. Thanks to those people who are constantly praying for the safety of our kababayans and to those who uses different media platforms to spread awareness, to lend helping hands, to unite co-countrymen and execute bayanihan in many possible ways instead of "whining and bullying". I'm not saying these as if my hands are clean, but I think it's inhumane to be an ass during these time of calamity!

The following prayer was circulated in FB today:
"Spare us Lord from the threat of strong typhoon Pedring. We lift our safety unto your loving arms and shield us from destruction. We ask this in the name of Jesus our Lord and Saviour, Amen!"

Prayers can move mountains. Hoping this storm will pass and that tomorrow will bring us all another wonderful sunshine! God bless Philippines!


After five long years of the most-awaited catching up of the century, finally our circle of friends got the chance to gather once more. Just like the same old days, we really missed the tambays (hang-outs) and gala (stroll) inside our school campus and around araneta center in cubao. Gosh, it all feels like yesterday! We met when I had my 2nd visit in Manila last February, all the way to the airport I went straight to Trinoma to meet 'em all. Thanks to social networks which gave ways in keeping our communication lines open.

@ Sky Garden: We're together since 1st year college, bonded through time as no ordinary friends. We're a four-girl group but sadly and obviously someone's missing in the picture because we lost contact to one of our closest friend named Grace and we missed her too very much. I have here below the two of my best friends.
@ Seattle's Best, Trinoma: With one of our closest male friend, we became friends with him when we shifted to a different course during our 3rd year, he's also from a different college department.
Photo ops with the gang: Fun times! :)
Many things have changed but thank God these people remained the same, for there maybe times I forgotten to say or show how much I appreciate all these friends, thank you guys! Cheers to many many more years of friendship! (As if they knew anything about my cyber-space-outlet sshhhhh it's just between you and me) Lol! :D 

♪♪ You can stand under my umbrella, ellah-ellah-eh-eh-eh-♪♪
  Under my umbrella, ellah-ellah-ellah-eh-eh-eh..:))

Happy Birthday Sis!

To my longest friend and lifetime enemy, to my one and only sister happy2x 29th birthday! :) You knew how much I've loved you from the start even if you never treated me as one of your "best friends" that's fine with me, neither do I hehe, anyway we're sisters so whether we like it or not, we just have to deal with it! :p

Kidding aside, I so missed you! Even if it's not your birthday I always wished and prayed for you.. all the best things in life, happiness, good health, success and a wonderful family.. if I can just do anything to make you better and secured I would. Know that I'm always be here for you no matter what and please stop keeping secrets from me that's all I'm asking.. I'll tell you, I can be your truest friend not because I'm your sister but because I love you with all my heart! I've loved you and I always will.. 

Of course, I have a picture of the celebrant *grins* she's the cutest in this photo the one in brown.:)

Have a blessed and awesome year ahead Ate! May all your dreams come true! :*


One Lovely Blog Award

Ooooh Myyyy Gaaaaawd!
:D :D :D
I am so happy I have an AWARD!!!
Yeahboi! \m/

After hybernating for almost a month I was surprised when I saw this news, I didn't expect that I would be chosen by anyone in any chance especially during the long time break I had with my blog. The award was given by Madhu of Madhulika Speaks, it's really an honor to be part of this. Thanks again sis! :) What made it more special is that it's my very first award here in cyberspace, how cool is that? :D

And here it is... T a d d d a a a a a n n n ! ! ! ♥ ♥ ♥
Oooops wait! there's more, there's a mechanic in receiving this award. First I should link it back from where it came from which I already did

Then I must share 7 random things about myself: Hmmmkay lez do diz!
1. I have a sweet tooth (sweetness is my weakness!)
2. I feel so classy whenever I have my nails done, oh yes simple pleasures!
3. I love shopping (who wouldn't?)
4. I can sing like a pro as I believe so lol!
5. Frugal
6. I'm in pure bliss whenever I made my loved ones happy
7. My ultimate dream is to personally witness the Aurora Borealis in Alaska

Moving on to the next one,
My favorite song: Heal the world by Michael Jackson
What pisses me off: Liars 
Biggest fear: Arachnids
Best Feature: Smile, chos!

That's it! A little of something in me. Thanks for reading! :)

By the way, the award was given last August 24, 2011.
Thanks again Madhu! :)

Holy Week 2011

The following pictures were taken during the holy week which includes procession and some of the stations of the cross we visited the night of Good Friday. Most of the people here in the province were practicing the observance of this occasion, opposite from where I grew up. Here, almost everyone take their part and it seems like fiesta during these days where you'll find a lot of bibingka vendors at the plaza from morning til midnight, also lots of peepz are joining/watching in processions, sagala, dignum and stations of the cross. I noticed that here they didn't do pabasa during these times unlike in Manila, I asked my husband why and he told me that it's usually done and practiced in wakes.
Though my daughter is too young to understand it all, we tried to explain a bit to her. I think she enjoyed seeing all of these and was overwhelmed as well when she saw the mob during the procession.
Look closer! We saw this in one of the stations, at first we didn't notice the details of this painting but when we looked closer we were amazed by how it was done. Great artwork! 


Bonding with the SIBS

Two of my favorite things  to do in this world are spending time and having fun with my siblings. I love how we waste our time teasing, arguing, even laughing our asses off over some really stupid stuff and best of all sharing food with them not to mention the late night pig-outs. How I wish I still live with 'em or  lives near them so that we can always share our lives together. But that was not the case that's why we made sure to have a bonding moment when I got the chance to be home for the second time early this year. Too bad our parents weren't able to come with us due to our mom's condition (because she's still recovering from a stroke) and also I don't have my hubby and my daughter with me that time. 

Anyway, we started off by eating our lunch at karate kid, then watched the horror comedy movie bulong (eh gusto lang namin matawa), after that we went straight to story land wherein we ate hotdog on stick paired with fruit shake then played a lot of those ticket redemption game machines hehe. My niece claimed the prizes that corresponds to the number of tickets we've got. She took home 3dora pencils, 2sharpeners, 2erasers, and 2crispy patata all at her discretion. After that, we're all tired and broke (as if, lol!). Before we go home we also bought 2 pieces of krispy kreme doughnuts for our nanay and tatay (ang ending kaming dalawa lang  din ng brother ko ang lumafang, busog na daw kasi sila chos!) plus a cake for our aunt who's celebrating her birthday that very day. It's almost dinner time when we got home, we just rest for a bit and went straight to the birthday where we ate our dinner together with other relatives. It was a fun day, I hope we can do it again very very soon. <3


lez go to the fiesta

During the fiesta at the nearby town called Cansadan, my daughter Hail went with her Lola sa tuhod (great-grandmother) a very dear friend of her invited our family for "salo-salo". We don't have plans of going there so as for my daughter that's why after she took a bath, I send her for an afternoon nap. When she's almost getting half-asleep her Lola woke her up, granny really wants to bring her apo. I put these set of purple outfit on her and off  they went.
One purple-ish day. March, 2011.
Still half-asleep. Lol!
Hail with her great-grandmother inside the tricycle, ready and about to go.
Since she doesn't get enough sleep that day, she didn't enjoy it as well. All she did was let her Ate carried her during their stay and she even fell asleep to their way back home. Being with Hail everyday, I already knew what's going to happen in this trip, I just let our Lola do what she wants and somehow have fun with her one  and only apo sa tuhod. After all, my daughter is very lucky not just by having her granny around but with the chance of doing different stuff together with her Lola. We can't really buy back time, so spend it with the people that we love as much as we can. :)
It's the same get up that she wore last New Year's Eve except for the skirt. :)

Lil'Miss Pink

One fine morning with my lil' girl in pink.
Photos were taken when she was 3months old. April, 2009.
With pretty boy uncle Jae.
Isn't he the cutest with his lovely pose.:)


Whenever we're in the malls or any novelty shops we never fail to spend time at toys section. It's not that we're always buying something for our daughter but we enjoy seeing her to have fun and be delighted by different colorful things she finds in there. And since she's not at the age of "buy me this or I'll outburst and you'll get embarrassed" we allow her to explore and roam around the place. I hope we can just keep her this way. (*crossed-fingers*) hehe

I missed the days when I just have to parked her somewhere and do the shopping, like this one. ;)

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MMDA to the rescue!

Last February, I got the chance to went to Manila twice. The first one was with my husband and daughter due to my grandma's death and a week after we came back home I needed to go again all by myself to do some transaction. Anyways, I just wanted to add this post because it's really hardcore! Yeah you read it right, hardcore! LOL! This all happened during my second visit.
This is me together with the MMDA traffic enforcer assigned in Paranaque around Coastal Mall area. 

So why the hell I'm with this man? No, I didn't violate any traffic rules hehe. Okay, after my 4days stay in Manila I needed to fly back home immediately. My ticket was scheduled for 10am and I needed to get to the airport as early as 8 o'clock. Since I am travelling alone my plan was to ride a bus from Fairview to Baclaran and from there I'll get a cab all the way to Terminal 3. 

The day has come, I did the bus ride as early as 6'oclock even though I have no idea where exactly the Baclaran Church was. I just made myself believe that the driver would eventually shout and announce once we got there. During the trip I was so attentive and alert so there's no chance of missing it out. Until we've reached MOA, this time I've felt I already missed it. I waited until we were out on a hi-way for me to see and assess if I was truly a lost girl while my mind was busy making a plan b. So after we passed the Coastal Mall (I've been there once during college days that's why I'm aware), I needed to jumped-out of the bus quickly because it was en route to Fairview from where we've been. 

I'm about to call a cab but I wasn't sure if I was on the right side of the road (it was a crossing) so to make sure I asked a group of three traffic enforcers who were having their coffee under the footbridge and they were helpful enough to answer my inquiry and advised me too regarding taxi drivers who doesn't want to use their taxi meter but instead wanted a fixed rate which usually way too expensive. After that I thanked them and I'm off to cross the footbridge but one of the enforcers stopped me and tell the others if there's anyone among 'em who's willing to bring me to the airport. They all agreed that it would be better and started to cast their votes for the one who's gonna do the honors.;p At first I resisted the invitation thinking it was crazy and creepy but they all keep on insisting. So what I did I save their names on my phone and thought they're just doing their jobs as a public servant (sometimes we really need to try to see the goodness in others, right?) so yes, I agreed. Lol! 
Riding in tandem with Mr. Meldevina of MMDA, he's the one who posed for a peace sign I just got along yo! :)

Off we went, we pulled over to their headquarters to get another helmet for me (mahirap na baka hulihin kami ng mmda hahaha) It was a fun ride, he's a jolly man that he greeted all the metro aides and traffic enforcers we were passing by. He also got a lot of stories to tell even if I'm having a hard time hearing what he's saying while I'm on that racer helmet it was so heavy! It's also nice of him to tell me that if I'm going back to Manila and needs help with traffic issues around their area I can count on him all I need to do is drop by to their post(the footbridge lol!) and look for him. Finally, I got to the airport safe and sound just in time before my boarding, thanks to Mr.Meldevina. And that's the story of how this MMDA saved the day! :p 

I think it will never happen again, I'm glad I gotta tried this!
Rock'en roll! \m/ :D



" The Accused "
April, 2011 (2yrs. & 3mos.)
This caught us completely by surprise!

We're about to go out one night, so after I put on some powder on my face I looked for my lipstick in my pouch and I was really shocked when I saw Hail putting this on to her lips vigorously! 
My golly, I screamed to her dad and together we laughed real hard. I quickly grabbed the cam and took this photos to show to her lola's downstairs what she did and when I showed it to 'em they LOLed too, I also posted this in my FB's wall for my family in Manila and other relatives to see how kikay she is now.
I just never thought I would witness her kakikayan as early as this one.
Though I kissed my favorite lipstick goodbye, I can't wait for more of Hail's surprises!
Truly an unforgettable and funny moment with her. 



Last summer before the holy week, we got the chance to bring Hail at the beach and let her have her first ever swim in the ocean. It's not planned at all, one saturday afternoon, we just felt we wanted to go for a swim so we went. We got there by a motorcycle, the beach was really near from our house and we got there in less than 10 minutes hehe. Actually, we have had our afternoon walks and quick swims there for almost everyday  back then, t'was before and during my pregnancy. But when our princess came, we still managed to visit but very seldom. I think we went there for only three times after she was born. I remember from those visits we did sing at the videoke, brought our food from Jollibee and ate it at the sea shore while the sun was setting down and we always bought soda and chips from the store of the beach owner every now and then because she always didn't let us pay for the use of their cottage. That's so nice of her. :)
She doesn't want to walk with her bare-feet but she doesn't want to leave as well.
Trying to balance her steps on the sand and covering her eyes from the dazzling sun.
Our mommy moments before dipping in the waters.
Daddy wants to carry her to change her outfit but she doesn't want to be held.
I pulled her up once the water touched her little feet, she freaked out in a cute way. Lol!
Finally! This one is my favorite photo. I was amazed that even if we were hit by the big splashes of waves she still smiled and shouted for joy. 
Family picture.:)
I changed her shirt when we got out of the water, patted her hair to dry and gave her lots of kisses for a job well done! She enjoyed it so much and I'm very proud of her that she kept her cool, no drama at all.
Oh at nag-moment din kame di ba bwahahaha! 
And that's the story of tampisaw 2011, bow! :p

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