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Me and my daughter usually hang-out in our room, it's not big but I think the most child's safety corner around the house.  She's very active at her age, so makulit and she's always all over the place. She loves climbing on any elevated surface she finds and to make it easy for me to watch over I confined her most of the time with me in our room lol! Good thing she's fond of watching television but lately I'm having hard times keeping her inside  because she wanted to go downstairs, she's really changing now becoming more and more independent and really knows what she wants.

A typical day of her.
Playing peek-a-boo.

 And this is one of the reasons why I prefer to confined ourselves upstairs 'coz of this endless running and roaming, following her makes me dizzy. Lol!
But having a child at home makes everything bright and easy. Look how happy and delighted the people around her. 

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  1. ang cute naman ng baby girl...all over the house...i love the one with the green shirt :D
    thanks for the visit to my entry!

  2. ganun din ang little boy ko noon, he's all over the house... jay we had to do some renovations... thanks for the visit!

  3. The sound of children's laughter really makes our homes a wonderful place to be. Happy MM! Here's my entry:

  4. I can relate to getting dizzy, my girl is also like that, ang hirap when she learned to open doors and climb up and down the stairs. Your girl looks so pretty and happy ;-)

    Visiting from MM, here's my entry

  5. Hahahaa!kawaii!!Kids are kids,nakakatuwa ring maghabol sa kanila^_^

    Thanks for the prayers dear, it is said that it would take 10-20 years bago kami makabalik dun,we're hoping na makabalik kami the soonest.

    Thanks for ddropping by!

  6. ang cute, the kids are so active these days, mine too we can't let her still even for a seconds

  7. I can totally relate... my little girl is the same... she's all over the house. Opening the door and then closing it and again and again... and then opening the ref, taking all the things out.. kakapagod mag ayos ng kalat nila hehehe but its all blissful...

    hope you'd drop by our home :)

  8. so cute! i can totally see how happy she is in your home.. great job mommy!


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