Whenever we're in the malls or any novelty shops we never fail to spend time at toys section. It's not that we're always buying something for our daughter but we enjoy seeing her to have fun and be delighted by different colorful things she finds in there. And since she's not at the age of "buy me this or I'll outburst and you'll get embarrassed" we allow her to explore and roam around the place. I hope we can just keep her this way. (*crossed-fingers*) hehe

I missed the days when I just have to parked her somewhere and do the shopping, like this one. ;)

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  1. I guess you can't just park your kid's stroller and do your thing anymore, Mommy, because she's growing up really fast. LOL! Toy stores are also my son's favorite place to be. Thanks for the visit!

  2. Cutie! Yan ha, as young as she is, naturuan na ni Mommy magsa-shopping! Lol.

    Visit my GROCERY SHOPPING POST, too, if you got a chance! Thanks!

  3. Returning the visit. You're so lucky! My son has "embarrassed" me a couple of times inside a toy store. As in nagwawala. Hay!!! Charged it to experience na lng.

  4. precious moments indeed! just enjoy shopping with your baby, soon she will not want to visit toy stores anymore.. and you would miss it! :D happy mommy moments!


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