MMDA to the rescue!

Last February, I got the chance to went to Manila twice. The first one was with my husband and daughter due to my grandma's death and a week after we came back home I needed to go again all by myself to do some transaction. Anyways, I just wanted to add this post because it's really hardcore! Yeah you read it right, hardcore! LOL! This all happened during my second visit.
This is me together with the MMDA traffic enforcer assigned in Paranaque around Coastal Mall area. 

So why the hell I'm with this man? No, I didn't violate any traffic rules hehe. Okay, after my 4days stay in Manila I needed to fly back home immediately. My ticket was scheduled for 10am and I needed to get to the airport as early as 8 o'clock. Since I am travelling alone my plan was to ride a bus from Fairview to Baclaran and from there I'll get a cab all the way to Terminal 3. 

The day has come, I did the bus ride as early as 6'oclock even though I have no idea where exactly the Baclaran Church was. I just made myself believe that the driver would eventually shout and announce once we got there. During the trip I was so attentive and alert so there's no chance of missing it out. Until we've reached MOA, this time I've felt I already missed it. I waited until we were out on a hi-way for me to see and assess if I was truly a lost girl while my mind was busy making a plan b. So after we passed the Coastal Mall (I've been there once during college days that's why I'm aware), I needed to jumped-out of the bus quickly because it was en route to Fairview from where we've been. 

I'm about to call a cab but I wasn't sure if I was on the right side of the road (it was a crossing) so to make sure I asked a group of three traffic enforcers who were having their coffee under the footbridge and they were helpful enough to answer my inquiry and advised me too regarding taxi drivers who doesn't want to use their taxi meter but instead wanted a fixed rate which usually way too expensive. After that I thanked them and I'm off to cross the footbridge but one of the enforcers stopped me and tell the others if there's anyone among 'em who's willing to bring me to the airport. They all agreed that it would be better and started to cast their votes for the one who's gonna do the honors.;p At first I resisted the invitation thinking it was crazy and creepy but they all keep on insisting. So what I did I save their names on my phone and thought they're just doing their jobs as a public servant (sometimes we really need to try to see the goodness in others, right?) so yes, I agreed. Lol! 
Riding in tandem with Mr. Meldevina of MMDA, he's the one who posed for a peace sign I just got along yo! :)

Off we went, we pulled over to their headquarters to get another helmet for me (mahirap na baka hulihin kami ng mmda hahaha) It was a fun ride, he's a jolly man that he greeted all the metro aides and traffic enforcers we were passing by. He also got a lot of stories to tell even if I'm having a hard time hearing what he's saying while I'm on that racer helmet it was so heavy! It's also nice of him to tell me that if I'm going back to Manila and needs help with traffic issues around their area I can count on him all I need to do is drop by to their post(the footbridge lol!) and look for him. Finally, I got to the airport safe and sound just in time before my boarding, thanks to Mr.Meldevina. And that's the story of how this MMDA saved the day! :p 

I think it will never happen again, I'm glad I gotta tried this!
Rock'en roll! \m/ :D


  1. oohhh.. That was really sweet on the traffic police's side :) :)
    However I couldn't stop my laughter when i read about 'the voting' stuff... lol :)

  2. Ang bait namn ni kuya! Pero ako siguro matatakot. lol! Una, takot ako sumakay ng motorbike, pangalawa mahirap na magtiwala sa tao sa panahon ngayun. Pero buti na lang natapat ka sa mabait.

  3. oo nga ate, saka lang ako natakot nung nasa bahay na ako habang kinukwento ko ang nangyari.. buti na lang talaga mabait si kuya at di ako dinala sa kung saan. Naku try mo magmotor ate ansarap ng feeling! :)


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