2011: 2nd Half is On!

Oh how time really flies! I can't believe we're already halfway through the year. Looking back, I'm glad we got along with the first half, thank God!

Lots of things had happened.. The bitter-sweet January came along with the reminiscin' February, I lost my grandmother at the day of my daughter's birthday celebration on the 30th.  Reunited with the family on the 4th for the 1st time in 4years. Bonded with bff's on the 25th and went home before the marching of the echoing March. Basking in April's playful warmth at the beach, the stations and the easter. The motherly May came first with the feast then followed right after by the rejoicing dads of June.

Seasons changed. But I remain grateful of the life and of what I have. Everything is a blessing!

We had these hot-choco's before typhoon Falcon left the country.

Indeed, t'was a wonderful 1st-half. Thank you Lord for everything..
May we all be blessed and be awesome for the rest of the year!

Backlog: Hail@6months "Howdy?"

Making a portfolio for my daughter is one of the main objective of this blog, it aims to serve as a time capsule where we could look back on how we celebrated life in many different ways. 

The following pictures were taken the day my daughter Hail, turned exactly six months old. The very cute gymboree cowboy hat with a great pair of boots was given to her by her loving Nana. 

I definitely wouldn't miss to capture these aliw moments even if  I only have a camera phone during that time. Anyways, I guess I managed to capture it all well, as in ALLLL.. haha.. 'just kidding'

My sweetheart in pink and purple.
Isn't she adorable? :)

I can't wait to start my backlogs and I think it would be fun too if I will join this post as my first entry in 
Life and then Som


There She Goes, Mangoes!

Haven't eaten my lunch yet but our grandma handed me this before I go straight to the kitchen. It made me wonder where did she get this good-looking indian mangoes this time of the year? Hmmmm...

My second entry to:


Confirmed! She's OVERWEIGHT!
Early this morning we went to my daughter's pediatrician for a routine check-up. We've noticed that she had gained so much weight lately and we wanted to make sure if it's still ideal for her age and height. The doctor was surprised upon seeing my daughter, she said she is big for her age (2yrs.old) and weighs as much as a five year-old, definitely not good. So she advised us to control her milk intake and instead we should feed her solid foods *specifically 3meals a day*.. 

So right after we got home, I've listed all the foods that she's been eating and separate all the nutritious from junks and to my surprise, what I've been feeding her for the longest time were mostly junk foods.:( 

The following are the list of the unhealthy eating habits:
Before she's just asking me to put some on top of her fries, (the one she's holding and eating) but one day she got tired and asked me to put it directly to her mouth while hearing her say "drink ketchup" and she actually loved it! LOL! And from that day on, free ketchup ain't useless no more.;p  

Second to the list, is the Nutri-star, a star-shaped curls and Marty's Chicharon, yes it's my fault.:( 

Third are Chocolates, she loves munching it any kind! 

Fourth, Palabok & Spaghetti plus ready-to-cook noodles that I used to feed her as her breakfast or dinner (she eat meals twice a day). 

Lastly, Ice Cream, Iced Tea and ready-to-drink fruit juices plus those foods that her Lola usually buy for her like Chicharap from chowking, Barquillos, Popped Rice, etc.

I think the following are my healthy choices of food for her:

1. Egg - she likes to eat egg white whether it is boiled or fried
2. Carrot and Potatoes - any dish that has carrots I'll mashed it with rice
3. Molo and Miswa - for breakfast homecooked of course!
4. Steamed Hotdog? - this I'm not very sure of
5. Adobo, Menudo & Mongo - she eat this sometimes for dinner

And I couldn't think of any other healthy foods that she's been eating aside from these which are included in the list. 

Since I am very embarrassed for all of this mess that I'm doing with my beloved daughter, I promise to get more healthy food choices for her and as much as possible will avoid all those junks that won't do any good to my kiddo.

I am hoping that as we we're on it's way to reducing her excess weight, I also hope that I can let her eat more fruits, vegetables and fish for a healthier daughter..

I should really do the following:
Buy healthy, nutritious snacks
Add variety to what she's been eating'
Cook healthy food

father's day SPECIAL

Yesterday instead of going out to celebrate father's day, we opted to stayed home and make this dessert as our bonding moment. We just followed the recipe from this site and Wallah! 

Grahams CREMA de FRUTA served with love. :) 

Icy Crema de Fruta fresh from the freezer

It tasted good and we had fun making it but it also made us think that if we want it the next time we should really just buy from goldilocks lol! Anyways, daddy was happy and the moments were priceless, time well spent though. <3

This is my very first entry to:


that little girl

"I cannot think of any need in childhood as strong as the need for a father's protection."-Sigmund Freud
My father and my daughter

Dad we may not have the closeness as how father-and-daughter should be, but I will always be your little girl who always wants your attention every time I'm in delight. And when I'm in pain, I can always look back on how you loved me - your fatherly love that will forever be my saving grace. May the Lord bless you many more long happy years to celebrate life with us! 

I love you Tatay and Happy Father's Day! 

2 years ago..

Written on February 23, 2009 at 7:10 pm three days before my daughter turns 1 month old.
It’s almost a month now since I gave birth to my princess and it’s such a wondrous thing that ever happened in my whole life. Nothing and no one made me feel this complete, excellent and happiest as a person.  Every time I see her I know life is worthwhile, I can see life through her and she really widens my horizons (a lot wider and better than I expected).
I can never forget the feeling when I first hold her in my arms while tears running down on my face and can’t get off that huge smile. It was really amazing! I feel I’m in the midst of a bliss, harmony and supernova (more than a blast I could say).  It outshines my universe and changes everything in me.  Perspectives, thoughts and directions,  all of my person.. it did changed me!
Now I can see life as easy, I am braver than before and I know every lil’ things will be just fine, for her sweet smiles, funny giggles and cute cries will be at my sight.  That’s the view from here, where I have tasted the goodness of heaven on earth because of you my lil’ one.   What a gift from above, seems like I couldn’t ask for more.   Priceless yet so full of grace and joy!  You made me so grateful of the life i had and I am more than willing to live this life again and again with you anak.
You are the stellar of my life for  there are so much to wish and pray for.. The one that will guide my way to being a great daughter, a nice friend, a loving wife, and a selfless mom.
I love you so much my lil’ Hailey!

Sweetheart, a lot of things may change through time but my love for you and how you made me feel so blessed since the day you came into my life would never ever fade.          --Love, Mom.


MM:Daddy Momments

mommy moments

Finally! ^_^ I'm so glad that I have my own share now in Mommy Moments, it is my very first time to join. And for this week theme: DADDY MOMENTS

"Almost any man can be a father but it takes someone extremely special to be a Dad.."   --anonymous

My favorite photo of them together.
The following were taken during Christmas Eve 2010 and last Easter Sunday.

Their first picture for 2011 New Year's Eve and at the airplane last February.
Lambingan Moment ng aking mag-ama. :)

To my Mahal, thank you so much for being the best father to our daughter, there maybe no such thing as perfect person but I'm certain that there is a perfect father because that's what you are..

We love you so much Dad, Happy Father's Day! <3


Hello Kitty

We are living in grandma's house (hubby's side) with her (granny) who is a certified pet lover. She has 15+dogs, all askals haha (1 inside the house and the rest at the backyard), 3cats which she adopted from street with 7kittens now (who happened to be using the same CR with us (yes, it sucks!), a gecko (a giant lizard hiding at the back in one of the cabinets in the kitchen, minus the 2 dozens of unlucky love birds in the garden who has been eaten by lucky rats. Mini-zoo eh? LOL!

While my daughter is growing up around all of these creatures, it doesn't surprise us that she's not afraid to play and explore with these animals particularly cats. She likes touching the back of the cat while saying "aaaah" (in her calm and very mellow tone), pulling its' tail, she even says "hi cat" every time she see one of them roaming around the house and when the cat and dog is in riot she'll say "bad kitty"! :)

And when it's bed time she's always meowing after we turned-off the lights, imitating the sound of the cat and placing her finger in her lips saying "ssshhhhh quiet!

It's nice to see that she's showing affection with all of these cats, her concern about others is really emerging now and that's a good start. :) As a Mom, it's really  my job to make my child aware of her surroundings, that she must respect all other living creatures.

It's fine with me that she's surrounded by all of these pets as long as she don't get skin allergies, rabies or whatsoever from them. So it's important too that there is someone watching her while she's playing with them to avoid unwanted incidents. By the way, we haven't been in any zoo before, and I'm excited to bring her soon after this rainy season.

my share for:

She's the one..

We are truly blessed if we have people in our lives that cares enough. Those people who never leave us from our shiniest moments to our darkest. Those that are always ready to give and understand. Those who are happy simply by loving us.

And when it's our turn, we pray that we can do the same for them.

To one of those people in our life who celebrated her birthday last June 15,

Happy Happy Birthday Mama Bob!!!
May the Lord bless you and your family good health, peaceful mind and joyous hearts.
Thank you for always being a blessing to us especially to Hailey.
We love you Ma. <3<3<3

Let's celebrate! (cont..)

I spent my special day with the two most important person in my life, just the three of us. Yes, it may seem quite as plain and simple as it is but it also served as our bonding moment since we don't usually hang out with dad more often anymore because of his work schedules (graveyard shifts). So we made the most out of it.

The birthday girl.. LOL! 

How sweet of my princess to help me blow the candle haha she didn't even bother to finish the whole "happy birthday song" because she's very excited to do the honors of blowing the candle for mommy. Cute!

Let's Eat! :)

Family Lovin' <3

Birthdays are good reminders for everyone to be joyous and grateful that we somehow got along with the year that has been. As for me, it was great! Of course not everything turned to be easy but sure I made it worthwhile. Thanks to the Lord for allowing me to experienced all those gracious moments and for this another wonderful year of my life. I'm positive It'll surely be awesome, Yes.. I'm sure because I can! :) I've learned and wishing to learn more. I've loved and wanting to love more.

Life is good with God! <3


It's My Birthday!

Last Sunday, we went out for a very quick getaway to celebrate my 27th birthday. I decided to have an overnight stay at a hotel not very far from our house since it's raining the night before 'til morning that day. Practically it would be hard for us to travel for an extra mile with a two-year old just to dine in a nice resto (that was hubby's plan), we're from Antique and hubby wanted to have it celebrated in Ilo-ilo which is a 2hrs.van ride. It didn't push through though because of my frugal mind hehe. Oh well, I just want to relax, enjoy and have a good time with my king and princess on my birthday it doesn't matter where, as long as I'll do it with them and make the moment extraordinary.
Here are the pictures where we stayed, check it out!
   Adelaide Tourist and Travellers Inn
     Our Room 
I'm craving for Sweet and Sour Fish fillet for days so I went for it and hubby wants pasta so we just ordered Supreme Pasta from greenwhich, and for my prinsesa Fries and Onion rings. They bought me a cake too, Sansrival from goldilocks that's my favorite of all desserts. We just added Shanghai Rice and soda to complete the meal and Wallah! the dinner is served. I know what we have had was plain and simple food but hey that's enough to make me happy. In all honesty I could eat just sansrival for the whole day and besides its just the three of us so it's plenty enough. We have leftovers that we ate at midnight hehe.
                                                          Our Food
That's all for now, I'll continue the details of my birthday on the next post because my prinsesa is already awake, ciao!


Blog it out yo!

Hello fellas! I feel so energetic today that I've come up on making a blog. Well, I really have a thing for blogging but I don't find time to take it seriously and one more thing I don't have my own personal computer so it's really hard to update it on a regular basis (when I say regular, I mean once a week) especially if I have to share it with my two-year old daughter which uses the computer all day (watching her dvd's and youtube-ing everything-under-the-sun) and at night, it's my husband's turn to play RPG's and online games. What the heck? haha but some days if I'm lucky enough I can sneak-in to check my fb account and to read some blogs that I love.

Speaking of blogs, I read and bookmarked a lot of sites when I found something worth reading specifically blogs which I could learn a lot from and those which I think is cool! My influences includes Pia Magalona's Posterous but I think it's just a photoblog now, Spell Saab by Saab Magalona herself, The Peach Kitchen which is my favorite because of its scrumptious and easy to follow recipes, The Mommy Journey which lead me to a bigger picture of mommy life because of the other blogger moms who participates in Mommy Moments Meme (Am I correct?) and from that day on I always dream of joining the theme of the week and wishing I have the time to spare for my blogging needs. But hey! I'm on my way now, I finally have the guts to start it formally haha (pumopormal talaga?) since my hubby promised to buy me a laptop for my bday! Which means I can do whatever I want and of course to fulfill my urge to join the blogging community. Yey!

Anyways, I really enjoy writing back then, I write what I feel.. most of the time I hand-written it at the back of my notebooks :) Love-letters, poems, rants, I even tried writing a song when I thought I was deeply in love haha lol!

I'll do my best to keep this blog rolling. Good luck to ME!
Blogworld here I come.. :)
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