Welcome to our Realm where its' Blissful! :):):)

This is a personal blog, formed to serve as a memory lane of what had happened in our past which aims to reconcile with the future happenings mostly about our lives and our randomness in particular.

Our story. 
Mostly of captured moments both unforgettable and ordinary. A portfolio of life in everyday settings, from simple pleasures to great experiences yet BLISSFUL in many ways.<3<3<3

I am the author, Vaneneng. 
I'm a  young, crazy, proud Mom to my 2year-old princess with a divine relationship as a co-homemaker to my Man. I'm supposed to be a banker (but I never was) instead I've been an executive assistant and a tech-support agent after I got my bachelor's degree. And when I caught between career and family life, I have chosen to have the fambam of my own and build the most fulfilling careers as a mom and as a wife. And I'm glad I did! I wasn't a fully stay-at-home-mom since I used to work as an accounting assistant for several months during the 1st year of my daughter's life but now back to being with her again 24/7 but hey I'm not kissing my career opportunities goodbye, I'll just catch them later. hmmmkay? :)

My story. 
Nostalgic. Wishful. Bittersweet. Humorous. Heartfelt. 
Passionate about life.

******I don't write who am not. I only write my heart-out.******

                   Whoever may be reading this, may you have a happy day! :)

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