Jumping Jimmies

November 28, 2010 when we bring Hail for the first time here in this children's play area called Jumping Jimmies here in Gaisano, Antique. It was newly opened then, I think it was on its' first week when we got the chance to experience this colorful playtime. It's such a small place as you can see in the above photo, that's the whole play area. So when it's jampacked with kids especially on weekends parents,guardians or yaya's of children especially toddlers should really look after them because there's a big possibility that kids might get seriously hurt if they collide to each other when they're horsing around and you don't want to entrust your child's safety to some ladies who's busy texting instead of doing their jobs (the ladies in-charged of assisting the kids).
Anyway, we're still glad that we have this kind of place for the kids where they could interact, expose themselves and play with other kids as well, and that's what we really need for our child since she's the only child in the family/home. And the best thing of all, we don't need to travel to Ilo-ilo just to let our Hail play in this kind of environment where she could spend her time happily.
Most of their toys were brand new back then, they have a wide variety from squeaky's, stuffed animals, cartoon characters and plastic toys  up to educational such as books, talking books and leapfrog toys. They also have a set of tv and a dvd where they play movies for kids and sing-a-long nursery rhymes endlessly. Plus they also have this computer roomwhich has 4-sets of playstation where the big kids usually stay and an area for vanity mirror which I find very cute it's so kikay, with all of the colored wigs, feathered shawls, heeled barbie sandals and different girly stuffs for kids from make-ups to accessories, too bad my lil'girl was afraid of the big brats doll heads lined in front of the mirror. Lol!
Yes it should be full of small colorful balls but the big kids gathered 'em and put it in the wagon and scattered it all over the place, oh well. When she's ready to dive in these balls, I let her in and I was surprised that she loves being there. I think she played with the balls for almost 30minutes, she also enjoyed sitting there with a small barney, a very big dog, dora, boots, elmo and other stuffed toys that I don't know.
When we entered, she was overwhelmed with the lights and many colors then went straight to the toy shelves looking at the toys but not touching it at first. Then she came to me and I gave her toys which she's familiar with like books and from there she loosen up a little by little. Of course I went with her, she's not even 2yrs old then. The tv also caught her attention and really helped her to feel at home especially when we arrived it was Tom and Jerry the movie that was playing which happened to be the same movie she's watching at home over and over again at that time.
We also went up to check what's in there, we found lots of barney and dora stuff, and those bald babies on the floor which scared her and made her feel really uncomfortable that she wants to go down immediately. But all in all, it was a great experience. Since then we come to the place more often and Hail got so used to it and became very at ease playing here.

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  1. awwww.. sweet kids and wonderful pictures..!! The bright and vibrant colours always makes you feel happy and fresh :)

  2. Those are very colorful and she is so pretty. Thanks for joining Tita, now a follower of your blog. Hope you can follow back.

  3. I am already following you dear..!! :) :)

  4. Playgrounds are always fun and colorful. Definitely a Colorful Weekend staple. Your Hail is so darling. Hope to see her featured more on Colorful Weekend... like this weekend. :D


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