for the love of dora

Two nights ago my daughter threw up for several times, so first thing in the morning we went to her pediatrician and have her checked, it's acid re-flux. I think it's caused by the carbonated iced tea that I let her drink when we're out of the house and yes it's my bad! I didn't notice that it's carbonated I just asked for a bottled lipton iced tea then gave right away to my kid. I also didn't bother that it sounded like a soda when I opened it because my attention was all about her being cranky and all that.. And the day after that she started feeling unwell, threw up for 6 times and a lil' feverish thank God that she's totally okay now, her pedia didn't give any prescriptions she just reminded us of what should we do to lessen her vomiting. I wanted to go on and tell what else had happened but Im so sleepy and tired so I'll continue this post later. It's 3AM already my gosh!

Alright to continue, we didn't go straight home after the check-up we headed to the mall ate merienda and have some strollin'. We didn't finish the food we ordered instead we took it home because Hail is acting up a lil' so we decided to divert her attention outside the resto. Her dad took her to the shop the broadway gems while I bought some donuts to bring home. When I came to them my daughter was looking very happy holding a plastic from the shop and then we went home. I was excited to see what she got and to my surprise I didn't know how to react her dad bought this:

all dora designed clips and they are all color pink :/ My goodness! He didn't even take different colors so that I can match in our daughter's other outfits. Oh well, I just got furious because I can have these clips way cheaper outside the mall, it's all too pricey! Lol! You know sometimes we really need to avoid unnecessary spending but since it made Hail happy I can rest my case!


  1. Gracious momma, how much you love your little one. You have blessed my heart today.


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