One Lovely Blog Award

Ooooh Myyyy Gaaaaawd!
:D :D :D
I am so happy I have an AWARD!!!
Yeahboi! \m/

After hybernating for almost a month I was surprised when I saw this news, I didn't expect that I would be chosen by anyone in any chance especially during the long time break I had with my blog. The award was given by Madhu of Madhulika Speaks, it's really an honor to be part of this. Thanks again sis! :) What made it more special is that it's my very first award here in cyberspace, how cool is that? :D

And here it is... T a d d d a a a a a n n n ! ! ! ♥ ♥ ♥
Oooops wait! there's more, there's a mechanic in receiving this award. First I should link it back from where it came from which I already did

Then I must share 7 random things about myself: Hmmmkay lez do diz!
1. I have a sweet tooth (sweetness is my weakness!)
2. I feel so classy whenever I have my nails done, oh yes simple pleasures!
3. I love shopping (who wouldn't?)
4. I can sing like a pro as I believe so lol!
5. Frugal
6. I'm in pure bliss whenever I made my loved ones happy
7. My ultimate dream is to personally witness the Aurora Borealis in Alaska

Moving on to the next one,
My favorite song: Heal the world by Michael Jackson
What pisses me off: Liars 
Biggest fear: Arachnids
Best Feature: Smile, chos!

That's it! A little of something in me. Thanks for reading! :)

By the way, the award was given last August 24, 2011.
Thanks again Madhu! :)


  1. You are welcome sis.. You truly deserved it :)
    and yeah... my name is "Madhulika" only my close ones have nick named me as "Madhu"... It was really sweet to realize that even you call me "Madhu" :)

  2. Hi Sis! I'm glad you find it sweet, you're really such a sweet heart! I guess it could be the beginning of a wonderful friendship! :) Always take care Madhu!

  3. yes.. it is a beginning of a beautiful friendship.. Hope we make many memories in each others life so as to bring a smile on each others face :)

  4. yay! thanks sis! you made me happy!:) yes let's make it happen, I'm so excited about this! ^_^ be safe all the time madhu! mwah!


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