Bonding with the SIBS

Two of my favorite things  to do in this world are spending time and having fun with my siblings. I love how we waste our time teasing, arguing, even laughing our asses off over some really stupid stuff and best of all sharing food with them not to mention the late night pig-outs. How I wish I still live with 'em or  lives near them so that we can always share our lives together. But that was not the case that's why we made sure to have a bonding moment when I got the chance to be home for the second time early this year. Too bad our parents weren't able to come with us due to our mom's condition (because she's still recovering from a stroke) and also I don't have my hubby and my daughter with me that time. 

Anyway, we started off by eating our lunch at karate kid, then watched the horror comedy movie bulong (eh gusto lang namin matawa), after that we went straight to story land wherein we ate hotdog on stick paired with fruit shake then played a lot of those ticket redemption game machines hehe. My niece claimed the prizes that corresponds to the number of tickets we've got. She took home 3dora pencils, 2sharpeners, 2erasers, and 2crispy patata all at her discretion. After that, we're all tired and broke (as if, lol!). Before we go home we also bought 2 pieces of krispy kreme doughnuts for our nanay and tatay (ang ending kaming dalawa lang  din ng brother ko ang lumafang, busog na daw kasi sila chos!) plus a cake for our aunt who's celebrating her birthday that very day. It's almost dinner time when we got home, we just rest for a bit and went straight to the birthday where we ate our dinner together with other relatives. It was a fun day, I hope we can do it again very very soon. <3


  1. Such a wonderful bonding day!

  2. Beautiful pictures! you have a great blog! please check out my blog and follow if you like, I promise to do the same for you! xx

  3. Very nice pictures! Nothing beats quality time with the family! :)

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