lez go to the fiesta

During the fiesta at the nearby town called Cansadan, my daughter Hail went with her Lola sa tuhod (great-grandmother) a very dear friend of her invited our family for "salo-salo". We don't have plans of going there so as for my daughter that's why after she took a bath, I send her for an afternoon nap. When she's almost getting half-asleep her Lola woke her up, granny really wants to bring her apo. I put these set of purple outfit on her and off  they went.
One purple-ish day. March, 2011.
Still half-asleep. Lol!
Hail with her great-grandmother inside the tricycle, ready and about to go.
Since she doesn't get enough sleep that day, she didn't enjoy it as well. All she did was let her Ate carried her during their stay and she even fell asleep to their way back home. Being with Hail everyday, I already knew what's going to happen in this trip, I just let our Lola do what she wants and somehow have fun with her one  and only apo sa tuhod. After all, my daughter is very lucky not just by having her granny around but with the chance of doing different stuff together with her Lola. We can't really buy back time, so spend it with the people that we love as much as we can. :)
It's the same get up that she wore last New Year's Eve except for the skirt. :)

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