Happy Birthday Sis!

To my longest friend and lifetime enemy, to my one and only sister happy2x 29th birthday! :) You knew how much I've loved you from the start even if you never treated me as one of your "best friends" that's fine with me, neither do I hehe, anyway we're sisters so whether we like it or not, we just have to deal with it! :p

Kidding aside, I so missed you! Even if it's not your birthday I always wished and prayed for you.. all the best things in life, happiness, good health, success and a wonderful family.. if I can just do anything to make you better and secured I would. Know that I'm always be here for you no matter what and please stop keeping secrets from me that's all I'm asking.. I'll tell you, I can be your truest friend not because I'm your sister but because I love you with all my heart! I've loved you and I always will.. 

Of course, I have a picture of the celebrant *grins* she's the cutest in this photo the one in brown.:)

Have a blessed and awesome year ahead Ate! May all your dreams come true! :*


  1. wish You sis from my end as well... :)
    lovely picture..!! May you people always be this happy... God bless

  2. thank you sis! :) God bless you too!


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