father's day SPECIAL

Yesterday instead of going out to celebrate father's day, we opted to stayed home and make this dessert as our bonding moment. We just followed the recipe from this site and Wallah! 

Grahams CREMA de FRUTA served with love. :) 

Icy Crema de Fruta fresh from the freezer

It tasted good and we had fun making it but it also made us think that if we want it the next time we should really just buy from goldilocks lol! Anyways, daddy was happy and the moments were priceless, time well spent though. <3

This is my very first entry to:


  1. Yay! That looks so good! Is the other glass mine? Lol.

    Check out my POTLUCK DISH which is everybody at the campsite's fave! See yah!

  2. wow, that looks really great! i agree the fun of doing it all together is priceless. we also did not go out last sunday, stayed home, we did peach float and i baked cake for daddy...we had great day! visiting you from YS and wishing you a great week! :)

  3. Bakit naman mas gusto mo pa bumili sa Goldilocks? This dessert looks yummy on it's own. At maraming fruits pa.

    Visiting via Yummy Sundays. Champorado warms our heart...

  4. hi mommies!:) thanks for visiting my entry.. naisip lang namin na bumili na lang next time para less work halos ganun din naman ang cost.. hehe ;p


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