Lateral Change

In two weeks time we'll be moving in into our new humble abode and I feel very much excited and happy about it! Well, we just rented an apartment unit, a 15-minute ride away from the old house (whose Lola-in-laws' house that we've lived and shared with for more than four years). It's such an answered prayer for a wife like me, maybe if we're living with my family's side I really won't bother transferring so, that's why I clearly understood my hubby how it took us this long before living it in our own.

I don't know but I am getting too emotional these days about leaving Lola. Seriously, it's a one big tough decision that hubby and I made. Leaving her is never easy but I didn't expect that it would be this hard for me especially that most of the time I'm arguing with her control freak alter ego. I feel sorry for her that we gotta do this, the fact that we are the only family members living with her in the house looks so wrong at all to just go and leave. It bring me to tears thinking how much I've grown and learned in her arms. We've been through a lot of times, both good and bad.. but the best are the moments I gotta shared with her my pure bliss and my great sacrifices that I didn't even get the chance to share with my own family.. Those years made me a whole lot better as a person, and she's always been there.. And I thank her with all my heart..
With our Lola during her 80th birthday last 2010
Everything's uncertain with this transfer thingy but one thing is for sure, Lola will surely miss hailey's nightly visits to her room just to bring her water when she's coughing during bed time and of course those hugs and good night kisses..'( Don't worry Lola, we may soon be living in different houses but "it's only in bed time that we're apart because our everyday will still be spent with you."

We know that sooner or later we gotta do this very thing and it has already come to our senses that "that soon will be now"! I believed that those four long years already paved the way and lead us to this very moment of our lives. I prayed that may this be the start of the life we've always dreamed of, for our family and for our daughter. To God be the Glory!


  1. Goodluck sa new journey nyo na yan! Ayan namn pala at mabibisita nyo din lola nyo so hindi din sya gaanong malulungkot sa pagka bukod nyo ng bahay.

  2. Ate, salamat sa comment at pagbisita.:)) i'll visit soon busy lang te.. God bless always!

  3. Dropping by. Thanks for the visit and comment!


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