MM: Park

I think I'm a little too late for making this post for MM because I got busied all week long, but I still want to join for this week's theme. So here it is.:)

Since we're living in a small town here in the province we really don't have those big beautiful parks like in Manila but we have this thing called plaza, which you can find a stage, a small skating rink, playground, benches, basketball and tennis court and a spacious bermuda grass enough for those who want to have a mini-picnic or for those who just want to hang-around.

The place is near from our house that we can just walk our way to get there. We love bringing our child at the playground, sit on the bench while eating street foods that are available in the plaza and have fun with the family. But it all stopped when we witnessed a family being robbed by 3 men in a motorcycle. We got really scared, since then we avoided going there anymore.

The following pictures were taken when we bring Hail for the very first time in the playground. (2009)

and here's my entry for:

mommy moments


  1. Nice park! kaya lang nakaktakot nga kung may mga ganyang pangyayari. Siguro mas maganda pumunta dyan yung oras na matao.

  2. living in a small place does not matter as long as you are happy with people around you..!!
    Nice park..!! :)
    keep writing..!!

  3. this is a really nice park! :D


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