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Meal time is family time, isn't it? Too bad we don't usually do it at home altogether as a family because my daughter gets easily bored when she eat with us in the dining table. Good thing when we eat-out, she cooperates and enjoy eating with less drama. And that's the theme of the week in:
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As a first time Mom, one of the things I waited and looked forward was the day that I can see my own child sitting on a high-chair while eating with me in a resto. I just still can remember the excitement I've felt during that time. Maybe you find it weird but yes it was happiness! 
Looking for pictures to be included in this post, I just learned that we don't have a decent family picture in a resto, not a single one. All that we have was a picture of Hail with Mom, with Dad and her solo's. Well, we do have photos which includes the three of us but all you can see was just our faces that were compressed so as to fit in a cellphone camera.:)

I think every family would love to eat-out not just as often as we can but of course to experience those beautiful and fine dining restos. Who wouldn't? As of now we're just an average family  income earners (or maybe below because the provincial rate is much lower that the metro) who's trying to maximize what we have cause that's the smartest thing to do right?.:)) So eating in Jolllibee, Ted's, Mang Inasal (with their Unli-rice.:)) or any local restaurants which are affordable here in the vicinity would be a great source of happiness for us. 
As long as there's a food that would suit my daughter's preference it would be awesome. (Well she only eats fries, palabok and ice cream lol!)
This is her most recent picture in a resto when we ate at Greenwhich last Mother's Day.

I'm looking forward for more wonderful eating-out moments with my family someday, it would be really nice if we gotta try it in a classy and elegant restaurants. Oh well, we gotta move our asses-off real hard to save up for that.:) I love the motivation that it gives me, seriously.


  1. Lovely pictures you have here, Mommy! Thanks for sharing! Here's my entry:

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  3. nice pics. Same here, we don't have family pics in restos. we usually go there and eat!hehe :)

  4. these are truly memories worth remembering as kids grow up too fast! :D


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