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now playing: soundtrack of walang hanggan
mood: calm
time check: 4:00 am

wow! it feels so good to listen to the music.. very relaxing and calming.. i just realized i haven't done this for ages.. my daughter just fell asleep after streaming hundreds of videos so while she's doing that i took my time by checking out the latest rnb songs. funny thing, i didn't know where to start! i found myself outdated! i tried to recall the last rnb song i've heard on the radio and all i can think of was price tag by jessie j that was soooo last year! never mind, i don't need to stress myself at this time of the night.
because lately i'm having lss over the songs in the teleserye walang hanggan i just seach through 'em and press play! perfect! exactly what i never knew i needed!

note to self: spend sometime alone with feel good music on, very therapeutic! highly recommended! lol!

because of our busy life,  most of us tend to forget simple things that sometimes makes everything alright. we're rushing and hurrying for what we think is essential to our everyday not knowing we've been missing out the very essence of it.

#breathe. #take time. #control.

Life is good!

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