2 years ago..

Written on February 23, 2009 at 7:10 pm three days before my daughter turns 1 month old.
It’s almost a month now since I gave birth to my princess and it’s such a wondrous thing that ever happened in my whole life. Nothing and no one made me feel this complete, excellent and happiest as a person.  Every time I see her I know life is worthwhile, I can see life through her and she really widens my horizons (a lot wider and better than I expected).
I can never forget the feeling when I first hold her in my arms while tears running down on my face and can’t get off that huge smile. It was really amazing! I feel I’m in the midst of a bliss, harmony and supernova (more than a blast I could say).  It outshines my universe and changes everything in me.  Perspectives, thoughts and directions,  all of my person.. it did changed me!
Now I can see life as easy, I am braver than before and I know every lil’ things will be just fine, for her sweet smiles, funny giggles and cute cries will be at my sight.  That’s the view from here, where I have tasted the goodness of heaven on earth because of you my lil’ one.   What a gift from above, seems like I couldn’t ask for more.   Priceless yet so full of grace and joy!  You made me so grateful of the life i had and I am more than willing to live this life again and again with you anak.
You are the stellar of my life for  there are so much to wish and pray for.. The one that will guide my way to being a great daughter, a nice friend, a loving wife, and a selfless mom.
I love you so much my lil’ Hailey!

Sweetheart, a lot of things may change through time but my love for you and how you made me feel so blessed since the day you came into my life would never ever fade.          --Love, Mom.

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