Something for You

Mama it's been a year! I don't know if you're still visiting here or even remember this site, but I hope one day you'll be able to read this!

There are so many things I wanna tell/share with you Ma. First, happy2x birthday to you! May you always be blessed with the best things in life and may the Lord give all your heart's desire (kahit sa ganitong paulit-ulit na birthday wishes ko lang maibalik ko man lang yung happiness na isinishare mo sakin parati.. I hope you're doing great Ma and that everything's fine. Next, thanks Ma for Hail's box - it's well appreciated! Sorry if I didn't get the chance to say thank you last Christmas. Lastly, Mama! :D Hailey is now a school girl! :)) Honestly Ma, in times like this you are the first person I'm excited to tell about with. :( Because I know you're more than excited and looking forward for more of her cuteness. Here she is Mama, enjoy.:D
Happy2x birthday again! Mwaaaaah!
Pose. Off to school.
1st day of school
After class. A bit tired. She got 2stars.

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