excited much?

Okay I haven't updated any post recently aside from the one I just published before this because I got so excited with my new lappy! :) Yes it's already here in my loving arms and I can't get enough of this! I didn't do a lot of stuff really I just keep on exploring and wanted to get familiarize with Windows7 though I had to be patient because it's very slow compared to WinXP but I believe it's just a matter of "getting the hang of it"! And I must admit I did a lot of camwhoring since it has a built-in webcam and it's my first time to try this lolcam thingy, me and daughter enjoyed it a lot! But after a week of making love with it lol I finally decided that I want to switch to WinXP. Win7 sucks! I find it super slow, not user friendly at all and so annoying, I didn't like it!

So yesterday I had it back from the shop and I think I made the right decision, its' operation is way way faster and  the best thing is it's not lagging anymore. I'm glad I switched its' OS.:) Now I can go back to my usual cyber routine.:)

Btw, here's my newest love! <3

Of course my desktop is dominated by my face who else? hahaha! I'm such a conceited witch but please! give me this one it's my moment. LOL!

As you can see it's not one of those expensive laptops in the markets, it's simple, affordable yet sleek netbook. It's a MSI U230 Light, a very lovely gift from my husband (our spoiler lol!) Thanks dad, I super like it! I appreciate it a lot! :)

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