" The Accused "
April, 2011 (2yrs. & 3mos.)
This caught us completely by surprise!

We're about to go out one night, so after I put on some powder on my face I looked for my lipstick in my pouch and I was really shocked when I saw Hail putting this on to her lips vigorously! 
My golly, I screamed to her dad and together we laughed real hard. I quickly grabbed the cam and took this photos to show to her lola's downstairs what she did and when I showed it to 'em they LOLed too, I also posted this in my FB's wall for my family in Manila and other relatives to see how kikay she is now.
I just never thought I would witness her kakikayan as early as this one.
Though I kissed my favorite lipstick goodbye, I can't wait for more of Hail's surprises!
Truly an unforgettable and funny moment with her. 

1 comment:

  1. awww.. Hail is so sweet :) :)
    this post brought back the memories of my childhood to me... i used to do the same stuff ;) its always very fascinating for kids to copy elders :)


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