Fiesta: "Hala Bira!"

Every 1st of May, the town of San Jose de Buenavista in Antique, Philippines celebrates the feast of Saint Joseph. For the first time, our family went-out to witnessed the "Ati-atihan" competition which was held the day before the celebration at the municipal plaza. There were four tribes performed in the contest but unfortunately we witnessed only two because it was summer then, the hot weather was terrible and we needed to shelter ourselves from scorching heat of the sun. We got the chance to took some photos although we missed to capture the competition itself . Well, there's always next time, maybe next year.
One of the tribes who performed.
Hail got scared a bit when she saw this guy up-close.
Photo-op with the girls, look at Hail's face at this moment.
And with this one she really cried-out, I didn't notice that I scared the hell out of her til' I'm browsing the pics when we got home. :( I'm sorry baby..
We bought her an airplane toy to stop her from crying (no silly! we didn't bribe her, lol!)

The two pictures below are the only photos with Dad (the man sitting at the bench) since he's the one taking the shots (except for this two) he's really not in the mood and doesn't want to be photographed as well coz he haven't slept yet from work. Hmmmkay! camera shy? ^_^
With the giant bulb and beer. Cheers!
One last shot (not the beer haha) before we finally went home. :)

And that's the Fiesta for 2011. Bow!

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  1. napakasaya nyan. i hope to to witness atiatihan competion someday.salamat sa bisita - Happy a Blessed Monday from Life Moto


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