Backlog: Hail@6months "Howdy?"

Making a portfolio for my daughter is one of the main objective of this blog, it aims to serve as a time capsule where we could look back on how we celebrated life in many different ways. 

The following pictures were taken the day my daughter Hail, turned exactly six months old. The very cute gymboree cowboy hat with a great pair of boots was given to her by her loving Nana. 

I definitely wouldn't miss to capture these aliw moments even if  I only have a camera phone during that time. Anyways, I guess I managed to capture it all well, as in ALLLL.. haha.. 'just kidding'

My sweetheart in pink and purple.
Isn't she adorable? :)

I can't wait to start my backlogs and I think it would be fun too if I will join this post as my first entry in 
Life and then Som


  1. Oh how pretty your baby is.

    Pink, have a nice weekend!

  2. cute baby! I am gonna have one soon!lol!
    mine is here:

  3. she's adorable, she's lovely...and i love the hat and the boots, very cute! have a great week! :)


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