She's the one..

We are truly blessed if we have people in our lives that cares enough. Those people who never leave us from our shiniest moments to our darkest. Those that are always ready to give and understand. Those who are happy simply by loving us.

And when it's our turn, we pray that we can do the same for them.

To one of those people in our life who celebrated her birthday last June 15,

Happy Happy Birthday Mama Bob!!!
May the Lord bless you and your family good health, peaceful mind and joyous hearts.
Thank you for always being a blessing to us especially to Hailey.
We love you Ma. <3<3<3


  1. Awesome , awesome blog.Not only that you are a splendid blogger but you also have a distinct voice in writing, very enchanting yet undeniably pragmatic.Indeed, a very deadly fusion. Keep your blog rolling!
    And to you ,THANK YOU ,you are not just a fleeting reminder of how lucky my toto RB is for having someone as astonishing as you and for Hailey to have an incomparable mom like you. You are a divine gift from heaven and for that I will be forever beholden. A belated happy b-day anak ( haysst IOU , again!)

  2. Ang bongga naman ng comment!:D Mama thank you for the visit and compliments.. Always be safe and have a great week! Ma nevermind the iou, the thing is we owe you alot! haha take care guys!


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