It's My Birthday!

Last Sunday, we went out for a very quick getaway to celebrate my 27th birthday. I decided to have an overnight stay at a hotel not very far from our house since it's raining the night before 'til morning that day. Practically it would be hard for us to travel for an extra mile with a two-year old just to dine in a nice resto (that was hubby's plan), we're from Antique and hubby wanted to have it celebrated in Ilo-ilo which is a 2hrs.van ride. It didn't push through though because of my frugal mind hehe. Oh well, I just want to relax, enjoy and have a good time with my king and princess on my birthday it doesn't matter where, as long as I'll do it with them and make the moment extraordinary.
Here are the pictures where we stayed, check it out!
   Adelaide Tourist and Travellers Inn
     Our Room 
I'm craving for Sweet and Sour Fish fillet for days so I went for it and hubby wants pasta so we just ordered Supreme Pasta from greenwhich, and for my prinsesa Fries and Onion rings. They bought me a cake too, Sansrival from goldilocks that's my favorite of all desserts. We just added Shanghai Rice and soda to complete the meal and Wallah! the dinner is served. I know what we have had was plain and simple food but hey that's enough to make me happy. In all honesty I could eat just sansrival for the whole day and besides its just the three of us so it's plenty enough. We have leftovers that we ate at midnight hehe.
                                                          Our Food
That's all for now, I'll continue the details of my birthday on the next post because my prinsesa is already awake, ciao!

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