Hello Kitty

We are living in grandma's house (hubby's side) with her (granny) who is a certified pet lover. She has 15+dogs, all askals haha (1 inside the house and the rest at the backyard), 3cats which she adopted from street with 7kittens now (who happened to be using the same CR with us (yes, it sucks!), a gecko (a giant lizard hiding at the back in one of the cabinets in the kitchen, minus the 2 dozens of unlucky love birds in the garden who has been eaten by lucky rats. Mini-zoo eh? LOL!

While my daughter is growing up around all of these creatures, it doesn't surprise us that she's not afraid to play and explore with these animals particularly cats. She likes touching the back of the cat while saying "aaaah" (in her calm and very mellow tone), pulling its' tail, she even says "hi cat" every time she see one of them roaming around the house and when the cat and dog is in riot she'll say "bad kitty"! :)

And when it's bed time she's always meowing after we turned-off the lights, imitating the sound of the cat and placing her finger in her lips saying "ssshhhhh quiet!

It's nice to see that she's showing affection with all of these cats, her concern about others is really emerging now and that's a good start. :) As a Mom, it's really  my job to make my child aware of her surroundings, that she must respect all other living creatures.

It's fine with me that she's surrounded by all of these pets as long as she don't get skin allergies, rabies or whatsoever from them. So it's important too that there is someone watching her while she's playing with them to avoid unwanted incidents. By the way, we haven't been in any zoo before, and I'm excited to bring her soon after this rainy season.

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  1. soooooooooooooooooooooooo sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet..........................:)


  2. Thank you Naveen! :) Have a nice day!

  3. ooh, kitty, kitty. We still could not have a cat at home because of our little baby. Thanks for sharing. Your baby is really adorable in green

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