2011: 2nd Half is On!

Oh how time really flies! I can't believe we're already halfway through the year. Looking back, I'm glad we got along with the first half, thank God!

Lots of things had happened.. The bitter-sweet January came along with the reminiscin' February, I lost my grandmother at the day of my daughter's birthday celebration on the 30th.  Reunited with the family on the 4th for the 1st time in 4years. Bonded with bff's on the 25th and went home before the marching of the echoing March. Basking in April's playful warmth at the beach, the stations and the easter. The motherly May came first with the feast then followed right after by the rejoicing dads of June.

Seasons changed. But I remain grateful of the life and of what I have. Everything is a blessing!

We had these hot-choco's before typhoon Falcon left the country.

Indeed, t'was a wonderful 1st-half. Thank you Lord for everything..
May we all be blessed and be awesome for the rest of the year!


  1. Hello Neng, this is probably my first visit here. Salamat sa bisita sa blog ko ha and for the comment.Visiting you here from Yummy Sunday.

  2. Mabilis talaga ang panahon, before we knew it we will be celebrating New Year for 2012. :)

    Thanks for visiting my Pink Friday entry.


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