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Hello fellas! I feel so energetic today that I've come up on making a blog. Well, I really have a thing for blogging but I don't find time to take it seriously and one more thing I don't have my own personal computer so it's really hard to update it on a regular basis (when I say regular, I mean once a week) especially if I have to share it with my two-year old daughter which uses the computer all day (watching her dvd's and youtube-ing everything-under-the-sun) and at night, it's my husband's turn to play RPG's and online games. What the heck? haha but some days if I'm lucky enough I can sneak-in to check my fb account and to read some blogs that I love.

Speaking of blogs, I read and bookmarked a lot of sites when I found something worth reading specifically blogs which I could learn a lot from and those which I think is cool! My influences includes Pia Magalona's Posterous but I think it's just a photoblog now, Spell Saab by Saab Magalona herself, The Peach Kitchen which is my favorite because of its scrumptious and easy to follow recipes, The Mommy Journey which lead me to a bigger picture of mommy life because of the other blogger moms who participates in Mommy Moments Meme (Am I correct?) and from that day on I always dream of joining the theme of the week and wishing I have the time to spare for my blogging needs. But hey! I'm on my way now, I finally have the guts to start it formally haha (pumopormal talaga?) since my hubby promised to buy me a laptop for my bday! Which means I can do whatever I want and of course to fulfill my urge to join the blogging community. Yey!

Anyways, I really enjoy writing back then, I write what I feel.. most of the time I hand-written it at the back of my notebooks :) Love-letters, poems, rants, I even tried writing a song when I thought I was deeply in love haha lol!

I'll do my best to keep this blog rolling. Good luck to ME!
Blogworld here I come.. :)

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