Let's celebrate! (cont..)

I spent my special day with the two most important person in my life, just the three of us. Yes, it may seem quite as plain and simple as it is but it also served as our bonding moment since we don't usually hang out with dad more often anymore because of his work schedules (graveyard shifts). So we made the most out of it.

The birthday girl.. LOL! 

How sweet of my princess to help me blow the candle haha she didn't even bother to finish the whole "happy birthday song" because she's very excited to do the honors of blowing the candle for mommy. Cute!

Let's Eat! :)

Family Lovin' <3

Birthdays are good reminders for everyone to be joyous and grateful that we somehow got along with the year that has been. As for me, it was great! Of course not everything turned to be easy but sure I made it worthwhile. Thanks to the Lord for allowing me to experienced all those gracious moments and for this another wonderful year of my life. I'm positive It'll surely be awesome, Yes.. I'm sure because I can! :) I've learned and wishing to learn more. I've loved and wanting to love more.

Life is good with God! <3

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