Confirmed! She's OVERWEIGHT!
Early this morning we went to my daughter's pediatrician for a routine check-up. We've noticed that she had gained so much weight lately and we wanted to make sure if it's still ideal for her age and height. The doctor was surprised upon seeing my daughter, she said she is big for her age (2yrs.old) and weighs as much as a five year-old, definitely not good. So she advised us to control her milk intake and instead we should feed her solid foods *specifically 3meals a day*.. 

So right after we got home, I've listed all the foods that she's been eating and separate all the nutritious from junks and to my surprise, what I've been feeding her for the longest time were mostly junk foods.:( 

The following are the list of the unhealthy eating habits:
Before she's just asking me to put some on top of her fries, (the one she's holding and eating) but one day she got tired and asked me to put it directly to her mouth while hearing her say "drink ketchup" and she actually loved it! LOL! And from that day on, free ketchup ain't useless no more.;p  

Second to the list, is the Nutri-star, a star-shaped curls and Marty's Chicharon, yes it's my fault.:( 

Third are Chocolates, she loves munching it any kind! 

Fourth, Palabok & Spaghetti plus ready-to-cook noodles that I used to feed her as her breakfast or dinner (she eat meals twice a day). 

Lastly, Ice Cream, Iced Tea and ready-to-drink fruit juices plus those foods that her Lola usually buy for her like Chicharap from chowking, Barquillos, Popped Rice, etc.

I think the following are my healthy choices of food for her:

1. Egg - she likes to eat egg white whether it is boiled or fried
2. Carrot and Potatoes - any dish that has carrots I'll mashed it with rice
3. Molo and Miswa - for breakfast homecooked of course!
4. Steamed Hotdog? - this I'm not very sure of
5. Adobo, Menudo & Mongo - she eat this sometimes for dinner

And I couldn't think of any other healthy foods that she's been eating aside from these which are included in the list. 

Since I am very embarrassed for all of this mess that I'm doing with my beloved daughter, I promise to get more healthy food choices for her and as much as possible will avoid all those junks that won't do any good to my kiddo.

I am hoping that as we we're on it's way to reducing her excess weight, I also hope that I can let her eat more fruits, vegetables and fish for a healthier daughter..

I should really do the following:
Buy healthy, nutritious snacks
Add variety to what she's been eating'
Cook healthy food

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