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How time really flies! I can't believe that I already have a techie daughter. She turned three last January and her computer skills are really emerging! Last year I was so impressed when she learned how to use the space bar to replay the youtube videos she's watching, followed that  by the use of track pad in mommy's phone to choose the video she wanna watch (take note she learned/discovered all of that by herself) and early this year she learned to navigate the mouse when she's youtube-ing and gradually got the hang of it, so now she can play on-line.

She already know how to spell her name "hailey" both in oral and typing (using the keyboard) as well as the words "mommy" and "daddy", and knows how to delete it as well using the backspace.  Plus we gained additional words that she can actually read, like before it was only up to 15 words but now she can read probably up to 20 words.

Playing dora and wonder pets on

Some of the unforgettable conversations we had with H:

Last year (Nov.2011) in Manila: 2yrs.and 10mos.
Hailey: Come on Mommy Star let's go outside!
MommyStar: No let's just stay here it's raining.
Hailey: Uhmmm..(Puts her finger in her temple, acts like she's thinking) Aha! (With her surprise face with wide open eyes and mouth, and her pointer in an upward position) I have an idea!
Mommy Star: What's your idea?
Hailey: Umbrella!

This year (Feb.2012) back in the province: Just turned 3y.o. last Jan.
Hailey: Papa Noynoy let's go to Gaisano (Mall)!
Papa Noy: Oh it's closed Hail.
Hailey: I have an idea! A key! A key!
Mom: But we don't have a key sweetheart..
Hailey: Don't worry Mom, I help you find a key..

Don't you think I have the bragging rights to be the PROUD-est Mom on earth? :))
Truly my sweet-est thing!

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