Graduation Month

Upon checking my fb news feed about 15min. ago, I saw a lot of graduation pictures and that reminds me of my brother's graduation last November, 2011 which I attended together with my cousin. I know it's sooo last year but since it's the time of commencement exercises might as well give my fingers a little exercise to do and share this with you.:=)

Being able to finished school was really somethin'.. especially if you had a lot of awesome and fun times all throughout the years with the "kids" you literally grew up with.. It's kinda sad. But the thought of not waking early for the next day and thinking you don't need to do anythin' to save your ass from the teachers makes you wanna JUMP FOR JOY! ooooh I can still feel the excitement, lols!

Not until when the realization sinks in, that bittersweet taste of success you'll get when the heat of the celebration melts down. You've graduated only to find out that it's only the beginning of it all. To face the reality, to control your own life! It's the cross-roads where you will decide which way to go and how you do it. The discretion is all in your hands now. It's not a responsibility after all, in fact it's a gift for you and for your parents. So to all the graduates out there, cheers!  Nurture that gift!

And to you my dear bro, you know how much Ate's very proud of you. You go ahead and keep on shining! Make all your dreams a reality! Do it in Jesus' name, Amen! Congratulations once again and I love you!

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