Shooo Pedring!

The Philippines is currently experiencing a very horrible weather due to typhoon Pedring. Many people were evacuated, stranded, some were injured and got hurt, and there were people who died, others got really scared particularly those who suffered from super typhoon Ondoy about two years ago. Sadly there were also many facebook friends who got really pissed off and are whining that they don't have electricity and internet connection like they are the most unlucky people in the world. :( Isn't it enough that we are in the comfort of our own homes, safe and dry and with our loved ones? Be grateful you are safe! And a lot of people are still pickin'on that poor guy Mr.Christopher Lao that it became a trending topic worldwide on Twitter, again. C'mon! Please spare him.  

Thank God there were still tons of filipinos who are sensitive to understand that there were people having serious unfortunate events in times like this. They somehow uplift the spirit and gives hope to millions. Thanks to those people who are constantly praying for the safety of our kababayans and to those who uses different media platforms to spread awareness, to lend helping hands, to unite co-countrymen and execute bayanihan in many possible ways instead of "whining and bullying". I'm not saying these as if my hands are clean, but I think it's inhumane to be an ass during these time of calamity!

The following prayer was circulated in FB today:
"Spare us Lord from the threat of strong typhoon Pedring. We lift our safety unto your loving arms and shield us from destruction. We ask this in the name of Jesus our Lord and Saviour, Amen!"

Prayers can move mountains. Hoping this storm will pass and that tomorrow will bring us all another wonderful sunshine! God bless Philippines!

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