Holy Week 2011

The following pictures were taken during the holy week which includes procession and some of the stations of the cross we visited the night of Good Friday. Most of the people here in the province were practicing the observance of this occasion, opposite from where I grew up. Here, almost everyone take their part and it seems like fiesta during these days where you'll find a lot of bibingka vendors at the plaza from morning til midnight, also lots of peepz are joining/watching in processions, sagala, dignum and stations of the cross. I noticed that here they didn't do pabasa during these times unlike in Manila, I asked my husband why and he told me that it's usually done and practiced in wakes.
Though my daughter is too young to understand it all, we tried to explain a bit to her. I think she enjoyed seeing all of these and was overwhelmed as well when she saw the mob during the procession.
Look closer! We saw this in one of the stations, at first we didn't notice the details of this painting but when we looked closer we were amazed by how it was done. Great artwork! 

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