gosh! i'm so bored today! though i had a productive day but still i'm bored to death shetttt! you know, one of those days! sigh*

the moment am about to fall asleep i got up, turned the pc and do some random browsing over the net but nothing brought me back to my senses! i really hate it! i don't want to do anything because i'm tired, so tired that i don't feel like sleeping and it gets me really really bored! i'm not complaining how my day was because as i said it was a productive one. i ended up typing this post because this is the only thing left for me to do. no conversing required, no nothing. just me and my boredom at 3:30 in the morning!

sometimes i'm soooo in need of sensible talk just to make sure my juices (all kinds) won't dried up! btw, that's my dillema i'm stuck to one kind of environment with same species! and it gets tirin' and sickening at times! though i've found ways of coping but that won't solve the problem because i always end up breathing that same air! conversing the same way! i want diversion! now, i just proven myself how bored i really am! yeah talk about diversion!

that's why i really hate feeling this way because i'm thinking too much and gets easily bored at the same time! nothing will do! really sucks!

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