Poison Ivy? Hell No!

"Start spending time with the right people - people you enjoy, who love and appreciate you, encourage you to improve in healthy and exciting ways, make you feel more alive, and not only embrace who you are now, but also embody who you want to be, unconditionally."

I got the above statement from one of my fb friends post yesterday, upon reading and liking the post it made me think of someone who is becoming more and more special to me as each day goes by and also thinking of all the things I went through til the day I met this someone and how it affected my life.

Being away from home for half a decade means being miles away from loved ones, dear friends and up to the the very last thing you used to have/do/live with for the rest of your life. Sure it's never easy! A life-changing event where getting lost is like your everyday and finding yourself is such a beautiful gift you'll receive during Christmas day! It's hard and even harder when you can't find a helping hand to pull you up when you're drowning too deep from sea of an unfamiliar crowd. (It's a suicide! Seriously! And what the hell? I'm not even out of the country! Maybe that's me being the true masochist myself! Lol!)

And there I met a lot of new faces, people that gave me friendships even just for a little while, people that made me feel less of myself, people that somehow made me happy and people I least expect would love me but they did! I thank these people but none of them gave me the ecstatic feeling of my younger years. I hardly find compassion and delight in this part of the world maybe because I'm different from them and we're not speaking the same language. I don't know! My husband always tells me this "umiral na naman pagka anti-social mo!" I admit there are times I felt I didn't need other people, well not literally the "people" just their drama! If I don't feel good about something or someone I just let it go! That way I'm wasting no time and I'm saving my ass from the fires of hell! It's not playing safe you know (as I heard someone said ps referring to me) fyi, it's becoming mindful of my actions, of what is right and wrong and at the same time shooing away bad vibes (just like you!) Sometimes, whether we like it or not if we have someone around who is full of negativity it radiates to us and we tend to react the same negative way! Duh! I hate it!

Lately I'm feeling so alive, young, free and most of all beautiful! :))))) It's because I have this new friend who is bubbly, cool, funny and very fashionista! I'm so happy we bumped into each other's lives. Being both married to a local we somehow understood each other well. She's a cebuana and older than me but deym! She's hawt! She's bringing me back to the times when I took 2 hours for a bath (just how much I love myself then! hahaha She doesn't have any idea how much she affects me every time that I'm with her. My good Lord thank you for allowing me to met this person I'm learning so much from her. It feels to have my bff's around whenever I'm with her. Just as I thought I wouldn't find another person as crazy as me, oh i was sooo wrong! She's even crazier that's why I'm enjoying so much!

Seriously, I'm starting to treasure this lady not just because she's a "friend". NO! Back to the statement on top of this post, She's all that! It doesn't matter if she feels the same or not, if she treasure the friendship or not all I'm saying is I found to whom exactly the statement was referring to. That's because even I just met her a few months ago she taught me a lot of things! She reminded me of what I deserve and what the best I can do and become more of myself! She's making me more beautiful literally and as a person (i don't know if she notices that but my husband did) and as for me I seldom find people like that since I came here! She's no insecure and wants her friend to be beautiful as her. She's funny, she's ambitious but no inhibitions and just like me she doesn't want negativity to enter her system.

We're always spontaneous when we're together, we tackle anything and everything under the sun! She showed me places I've never been to, she teaches me things she thought I needed to know. Btw, thank you Ivy!
I'm glad you came! :D

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